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exceptional entertainment


  • Expert, friendly advice on the appropriate traditions, timings & etiquette.
  • Adds sophisticated & ‘informal-structured’ approach to proceedings.
  • Welcomes guests & sets them at easy with friendly finesse.
  • Personalised Grande Entrance, welcomes & introductions -
  • with or without musical 'sound-bed'/fanfares.
  • Makes special moments more perfectly memorable.
  • Support & liaison for the family & main wedding party through the day.

Your Perfect Presenter for Weddings

wedding venue before bride arrives

My Master of Ceremonies/Wedding Presenter service:

  • creates direction & structure in a personal way
  • professionally stage manages proceedings so you can just relax & enjoy your day
  • helps assure your daytime flows with sophistication and gloss
  • creates special moments memories
  • assures key guests are there when you need them
  • sets guests and the top table at ease
  • personalises key moments such as your grande entrance, official welcomes,
    cake ceremony & speeches.
  • uses music, staging and performance skills to add anticipation, emotion or humour.
  • adds fun but stylish interactions to break the ice & include all guests

These moments don’t need to be 'stiff' or overly formal, and a "informal structured" approach can often work best to reflect your personalities, music taste and sense of humour. 

For example a Surprise Grande Entrance using an unexpected style kind of music that reflect YOU as a COUPLE can be an ideal icebreaker and talking point for guests.

This is planned by getting to know you, and daytime Wedding Presenter/Master of Ceremonies services can build-in a number of unique touches that guests will remember for years to come, such as humorous personalised musical or performance introductions for each of the speeches.

And for the party animals, the service also helps keep your day on track and prevents the daytime over running too far into your party time!  

The role even involves the little ‘behind the scenes’ touches, such as helping with requests and special arrangements, working alongside the venue & other suppliers to make sure the day & evening run smoothly.

You might not even be aware of some of the options and traditions you can stitch into your wedding.  A expert to advise your ahead then be on hand to help & set the top table at ease is often invaluable - especially if family members are nervous about speaking in public.

I can always provide wireless microphones and guide speakers how to use them, to help assure every word is clearly heard throughout the room. 
(And yes: that means even the cornier jokes!)

This service is available in its own right or can be included when you book live daytime entertainment.

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