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Biography & Ethos

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Well, thank you for coming to learn some more about me...I'm quite complimented!jon paul wedding singer entertainer events host party dj

Entertaining audiences has always been important to me and I assured myself a firm grounding by performing & studying stagecraft skills from my adolescence onwards - both inside and outside formal education.  

So, music & performance has been an significant part of my life a long while. 


My academic & practical background in Theatre & the arts served me well even during a ‘stage-left’ intermission to study the Business of Leisure & Tourism at university.  This course gave me a broader comprehension of both understanding & providing outstanding customer service, alongside an insight into the psychology of group behaviour & of consumers purchasing entertainment 'products'.  

I understand that discerning clients such as you invest not just their money but also themselves into choosing fantastic service ‘experiences’ - whether that's for vacations or celebrations.  You don't really want a one-size-fits-all solution like everyone else's.

This fresh & unique perspective sets me apart from many others, and enables me to help you invest in your ideal 'entertainment hospitality' experience.  This is true for all kinds of events but particularly for once-in-lifetime celebrations like weddings & civil partnerships.

I offer the unparalleled, tailored service that you deserve.  Your marriage isn’t exactly like anyone else’s, and neither should your entertainment be.  Off-the-shelf is something I am not.


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During my ‘student years’ in the mid 1990s and then beyond, I performed at a range of events.  I was ‘front man’ for a variety of live bands, as well as a DJ.  My experience and knowledge culminated in me starting my own solo entertainment business in 2004-05.

I initially called it “Phat Aahs’ Entertainments” – a cheeky reference to both my physique and my powerful musical style.  Back then I provided ‘cheerful’ entertainment anywhere I could.

I quickly came to appreciate that high standards matter far more than cheap prices when creating superb celebrations.

Hence today, I am simply myself: 
Jon Paul Entertainments - providing music with both soul and sophistication, performance with passion and aplomb, in a variety of styles that I love. 

The difference is the level of quality, attention & expertise I supply.  Exceptional Entertainment.


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To better understand the traditions & formalities of weddings I am now certified in Wedding Etiquette, and able to knowledgeably be your Master of Ceremonies. 

Key moments & customs are the very backbone of excellent celebrations – whether they're traditional or or contemporary. 
As a performer, I can apply my skills to create an event as stylish or exuberant as my clients want. 

Find out more about the Master of Ceremonies role HERE.



Just as if planning the holiday of a lifetime, planning entertainment for your special day is like a journey too.

Far in advance, by looking at the details and the possibilities, using my ‘local knowledge’ and experience to guide and direct the shape of your journey, we can work together to create perfect moments throughout your perfect day - or night.

Like the ideal honeymoon, these should be wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.  

So let me be your entertainer, and your guide.

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